These are some of the companies that are currently working under AGOA:-
  1. Fine spinners that have taken over the former Tri-star. It was officially opened in November 2015 and is exporting apparel to US.
  2. Sseko designs – one of the largest shoe exporting companies that exported 7000 shoes in November 2013 and is now in 320 stores in the US. Their factory is based in Kyebando.
  3. Wrap Up Africa- Exporting Apparel and helping cancer patients based in Kamwokya.
  4. Krotchet kids – exporting krotchet hats, ties, etc based in Gulu and exporting to a high-end store in the US called Nordstrom.
  5. 31 Bits based in Gulu exporting beads
  6. Bead for Life exporting Shea Butter and beads
  7. Mend (Invisible children) exporting computer bags and other leather products.
  8. Good African coffee- that has just broken in the American market.
  9. One mango tree in Gulu exporting Apparel
  10. Oribags Innovations exporting recycled carrier bags
  11. Gum Arabic in Karamoja exporting Gum products
  12. AWAKA – exporting wood furniture
  13. Olivia Knox exporting horn products
  14. Guru Nanak oil mills in Lira exporting Shea butter
  15. Tanyis investments in Kasese exporting Chia seeds There are many others that have potential and are now working on product development, quality and quantity for example Kunda e.t.c.